Friday, January 16, 2009

Mentakab: A Small Town Where I Grow-Up

This is Mentakab, located in the central of Pahang state. I lived in this small peace town since I was seven. My schools, playgrounds, family, friends, first love and memories all laid untouched by the time. This is where I started to learn the meaning of life. Understanding me. Understanding people. And the beginning of the outer world.

I hope that time will bring me back to those sweet memories ;-)

Bus stand in a rainy day

The town centre

Batu Asas - Historical Monument

Middle Lake

Fishing Spot

Can you spot the moon?


  1. Why the bus stand looks nicer in the picture? :P

  2. It's depends on the camera..i used panorama mode and a bit of blurred effect to make the ambient looks sentimental..hehe..just a simple trick eh