Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday In Kuala Terengganu

Today I'll return back to my hometown in Mentakab, packing for Johore trip and get ready for my teaching career next year. This means my holiday vacation is also ends with bountiful of experience and memory written in 2009 events. But I'll be back next year since my core business in here isn't settled yet. Thanks to Faiz, Mat Yie, Yusri and Kimi for spending the precious moment that I treasure. Well, see you in Johore, perhaps. Let's pictures explain the moment...

Crystal Mosque, Duyong Island

Yusri and Mat Yie, the trip hoster

Cruise across Terengganu River

Cloudy, nice weather...

Cheap rental boat for one hour tour
circling Duyong Island is really worthy


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